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4:18 AM 10/24/2020 – Did the U.S. Try to Assassinate Lenin in 1918? | The FBI, Militias, Truth and Comey’s Legacy – 50 Saved Stories

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 4:18 AM 10/24/2020 – Did the U.S. Try to Assassinate Lenin in 1918? | The FBI, Militias, Truth and Comey’s Legacy – 50 Saved Stories | 

Saved Stories – None: The FBI, Militias, Truth and Comey’s Legacy
Mon, 19 Oct 2020 08:59:15 -0400

  • Is it possible that the militia story [about planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan] is another contrived, anti-Trump, smear job by elements within the FBI?
  • Current FBI Director Christopher Wray hardly engenders confidence as a strong leader bent on cleaning house and reforming a corrupt agency that attempted a soft coup against the presidency. Wray is all about damage control and institutional preservation. When it comes to honesty, Wray does not have a tough act to follow.
  • The FBI’s reputation has been destroyed through blatant politicization. Here are the corrupt political police: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, Pientka, Brower, Baker, et al. That is a collection of various dirty cops, oath-breakers, coup-plotters, and persons “lacking candor” in FBI parlance.
  • Of course, the presumption of innocence is foundational to our system of justice. Comey’s living legacy, and the permanent institutional stain on the FBI more generally, is that we cannot take the Bureau’s claims as truthful. We used to give due credence to sworn Special Agents of the FBI. No more.

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