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6:09 AM 1/23/2021 – “American ISIS groups are similar to their foreign counterparts in a number of ways.” | Capitol insurrectionists: They have a lot in common with ISIS

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from The News And Times.

American ISIS groups are similar to their foreign counterparts in a number of ways.”

Money and psychology also appear to be the common elements. 

This is the second professional observation on this subject: the similarity between the presumed “Islamic Terrorism” groups and US “Insurrectionists”. The first one was by the Gen. McChristal on the similarity with Al Qaeda: 

“This observation is astute, original, professional, and I think, it very well might be correct. Explanation and hypothesis: both “MAGA” and “Al Qaeda” stem from the same source and have the same parents, that is why they look like siblings. We may call this interesting family by the variety of different names: KGB, GRU, FSB, etc., etc., but the essence  of its nature manifested by the observed signs points in a certain direction: German Military Intelligence; the New Abwehr. The General has a good military sense of smell. And he himself might have been one of their targets too.” – 4:15 PM 1/16/2021

These two good expert observations make the initial pattern for the Counterintelligence Analysis of the Capitol Riot of 1.6.21, and taken together, they lend even more support to this hypothesis of the “paternity test”, with the New Abwehr and GRU as the first line contenders. 

Michael Novakhov

6:09 AM 1/23/2021

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