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White House Orders Assessment on Violent Extremism in U.S.

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Citing the weapons that authorities found at the place where Mr. Crowl suggested he would stay if released, she said, “The suggestion that I release him to a residence containing at least nine firearms is a non-starter.”

In Arkansas on Friday, a magistrate judge denied bail to Peter F. Stager of Conway, Ark., ordering that he remain in custody until trial.

Mr. Stager, 41, was taken into custody on Jan. 14 and charged with obstructing law enforcement officers, a felony, after officials identified him as the person seen attacking a police officer on the steps of the Capitol in a widely viewed video, according to the criminal complaint.

Judge J. Thomas Ray said “it was a crime of violence against a helpless victim” of the video that showed Mr. Stager using a flagpole to beat an officer in uniform, who was being held down by others in the crowd.

In a second video, Mr. Stager is heard to say, “Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor,” referring to occupants of the Capitol.

Another accused rioter, Scott Kevin Fairlamb, was arrested on Friday in New Jersey, after various tipsters submitted evidence to law enforcement. In one video, a man later identified as Mr. Fairlamb shoved and punched an officer on the West Front of the Capitol, according to an affidavit from the F.B.I. In a video posted on Mr. Fairlamb’s Facebook page, he could be seen carrying a collapsible baton and saying, “What Patriots do?”

Using two expletives, he then continued: we “disarm them and then we storm” the Capitol.

And in New York, a federal magistrate judge denied bail on Friday for Jeffrey Sabol, a geophysicist from Colorado who was accused of dragging a police officer down the stairs outside the Capitol and allowing another rioter to beat the officer with an American flag.

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