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Israel’s Netanyahu walks political tightrope on Washington trip following Biden’s exit from race

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JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left for Washington on Monday, leaving behind a brutal war to make a politically precarious speech before the U.S. Congress at a time of great uncertainty following Joe Biden’s withdrawal from the presidential race.

With efforts ongoing to bring about a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, rising concerns about the war spreading to Lebanon and Yemen, and the U.S. in the midst of a dizzying election campaign, Netanyahu’s speech has the potential to cause disarray on both sides of the ocean.

The risks only increased with Biden’s decision Sunday to drop out of the race for president, especially since the choice of a replacement Democratic nominee — and the potential next American leader — are still up in the air.

Before stepping on the plane, Netanyahu said he would emphasize the theme of Israel’s bipartisanship in his speech and said Israel would remain America’s key ally in the Middle East “regardless who the American people choose as their next president.”

“In this time of war and uncertainty, it’s important that Israel’s enemies know that America and Israel stand together,” he said, adding that he will meet Biden during his trip and thank him for his support for Israel.

What to know:

A person familiar with Biden’s schedule confirmed Sunday that the president will host Netanyahu at the White House. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly, said the exact timing of the meeting has not been established because Biden is recovering from COVID-19.

Netanyahu is scheduled to address Congress on Wednesday. He is also expected to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris, who is seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

Netanyahu will deliver his congressional address with an eye on several audiences: his ultranationalist governing partners, the key to his political survival; the Biden administration, which Netanyahu counts on for diplomatic and military support; and Donald Trump’s Republican Party, which could offer Netanyahu a reset in relations if he is reelected in November.

His words risk angering any one of those constituencies, which the Israeli leader cannot afford if he hopes to hold on to his tenuous grip on power.

“There are a few land mines and pitfalls on this trip,” Eytan Gilboa, an expert on U.S.-Israel relations at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, said before Biden’s withdrawal. “He is thought of as a political wizard who knows how to escape from traps. I am not sure he still knows how to do that.”

It is Netanyahu’s fourth speech to Congress — more than any other world leader. During his address, his far-right governing partners will want to hear his resolve to continue the war and topple Hamas.

The Biden administration will look for progress toward the latest U.S.-backed cease-fire proposal and details on a postwar vision. Republicans hope Netanyahu besmirches Biden and bolsters the GOP’s hoped-for perception as Israel’s stalwart supporter.

The war, which was sparked by Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel, has tested Israel’s ties with its top ally as never before.

The Biden administration has stood staunchly beside Israel. But it has grown increasingly alarmed about the conduct of the Israeli military, the continued difficulties of getting humanitarian aid into Gaza, especially after the short-lived U.S. military pier off Gaza coast, as well as Israel’s lack of postwar plans and the harm to civilians in Gaza. Similar concerns will likely persist if Americans elect a new Democratic president.

Biden earlier this year froze the delivery of certain bombs over fears they would be used in Israel’s incursion into the southern Gaza city of Rafah, which at the time sheltered more than half of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million.

The U.S. abstained from a United Nations Security Council vote in March that called for a cease-fire and the release of hostages but did not link the two. Netanyahu called the decision a “retreat” from a “principled position” by Israel’s ally.

Biden has had to walk a fine line of his own. He has faced harsh criticism from progressive Democrats and many Arab Americans. Even Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the highest-ranking elected U.S. Jewish official, lambasted Netanyahu in March for his handling of the war.

Some Democrats will likely demonstrate their anger toward Biden and Netanyahu by skipping Wednesday’s speech. Netanyahu is also likely to be hounded by pro-Palestinian activists during his trip.

The last time Netanyahu spoke to Congress in 2015 was at the invitation of the Republican Party. The trip drove Israeli-American politics deep into the partisan divide as Netanyahu railed against then-President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu has not shied away from making Israel a partisan issue. With his nationalist conservative ideology, he has been perceived as throwing his support behind Republican candidates in the past, rankling Democrats and Israelis who want to keep the U.S.-Israel relationship bipartisan.

It’s unclear if he will meet Trump. If there is a meeting, it could expose Netanyahu to accusations that he is once again taking sides. But if he doesn’t meet with Trump, the former president could feel slighted.

The speech also offers Netanyahu opportunity. He will be able to show Israelis that despite the tensions with the Biden administration, U.S. support for him remains ironclad.

“He wants the Israeli public to believe that he is very much still very welcome in the United States. And this shows that the American people are with him,” said David Makovsky, director of the program on Arab-Israel Relations at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

For critics of Netanyahu, that embrace is unacceptable and grants legitimacy to a deeply polarizing leader whose public support has plummeted. Netanyahu faces widespread protests and calls to resign over the failures of Oct. 7 and his handling of the war.

In a letter to Congress, 500 Israeli writers, scholars and public figures expressed their dismay over the invitation to Netanyahu, saying he will use the platform to advance misguided policies that align with his far-right governing partners.

“His only interest is preserving his own power,” they wrote. “Does the United States Congress wish to support such a model of cynical and manipulative leadership in these times?”

Israeli media reported that Netanyahu will be joined by rescued hostage Noa Argamani and her father. But for many of the families of hostages held in Gaza, the trip is an affront.

“This is not the time for trips,” Ayelet Levy Shachar, whose daughter Naama was kidnapped on Oct. 7, told reporters.

“Netanyahu: First a deal, then you can travel.”

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Vladimir Putin Looks to Donald Trump for a Win in His War in Ukraine

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For all the political theater at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump’s main foreign-policy message was that he’s a peacemaker. That’s of particular interest to Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin isn’t hiding its satisfaction at the prospect of Trump and his running-mate, JD Vance, winning November’s presidential election on a platform that includes a pledge to end the war in Ukraine quickly. Russia’s foreign minister this week said Vance’s stated opposition to further aid for Ukraine was “what we need.”

Ukraine fears Trump may force it to make territorial concessions to Putin or face Russia’s army without US backing. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy challenged Trump in a Bloomberg interview this month to explain how he’d end the war, and they may speak by phone today.

Russia’s military is largely bogged down in Ukraine after incurring huge losses. By digging in for another four months, Putin now knows American voters may help him deliver the victory he failed to achieve on the battlefield.

And there’s a potentially even greater prize on the horizon.

The Russian president has started arguing for a new security architecture embracing Europe and Asia to replace the “outdated” US-led world order, with a central role for Russia.

The Kremlin may hope the offer of a grand bargain to reshape global security will appeal to Trump, a famously transactional dealmaker.

Europeans are already fearful he’ll leave them exposed to Russia by pulling the US out of the NATO military alliance.

In his convention speech yesterday, Trump said the planet is “teetering on the edge of World War III.” He declared he’d “end every single international crisis that the current administration has created” including the war in Ukraine.

It was Putin who started the war in February 2022.

The question for the Russian leader is what a peacemaking Trump may now offer him to end it.

Global Must Reads

Trump used his 93-minute speech accepting the Republican nomination for president to fire off insults at his usual targets: immigrants, Democrats and the media. Basking in total control of the party, he vowed to reverse President Joe Biden’s policies to promote electric vehicles and criticized what he said was trillions of dollars of wasteful spending “having to do with the green new scam.” He also recounted to thousands of rapt supporters his narrow escape from a would-be assassin’s bullet.

The pressure on Biden to quit his reelection bid keeps building. While his surrogates insisted that he was “not wavering” on running, even some of his cabinet ministers discussed among themselves whether he should step aside due to his health and doubts over his ability to defeat Trump in November. The harshest blow was a report in the Washington Post that former President Barack Obama told allies the pathway to victory for Biden, who is isolating at home due to Covid-19, was greatly diminished.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves warned “difficult decisions” lie ahead as she tries to fix the UK’s public finances, raising the prospect of tax hikes or spending cuts in her maiden budget. Reeves, Britain’s first female finance minister, told Bloomberg in her first TV interview since the Labour Party’s landslide election victory that she would be honest about the scale of the challenges ahead.

A wave of arrests kicked off Tunisia’s election season with the targeting of rivals and critics of President Kais Saied, stirring fears of a barely contested presidential vote on Oct. 6 that would deal a hammer blow to what was once the Arab world’s most progressive democracy. In a matter of days, three prominent aspiring candidates have faced police action in a crackdown that’s also swept up members of the largest remaining opposition party.

French President Emmanuel Macron scored a political victory when lawmakers reelected a centrist candidate from his party to a second term leading the National Assembly. Yael Braun-Pivet of Macron’s pro-business Renaissance party won the vote for parliamentary president by 13 ballots, with the support of centrist and center-right lawmakers from outside his alliance.

Computer systems failed across the globe today, taking down services at airlines, banks and the London Stock Exchange after a widely used cybersecurity program crashed and Microsoft separately reported problems with its cloud services.

One man was killed in the heart of Israel’s commercial capital Tel Aviv today by an explosion from a suspected drone, with Yemen’s Houthi militants claiming responsibility.

Russian prosecutors have asked a court to hand down an 18-year sentence in a penal colony on espionage charges for Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, the Interfax news service reported.

Bangladesh was hit by a nationwide internet shutdown as students armed with sticks and stones clashed with police in protests against the government’s job quota policy that reports said have left at least 39 people dead.

Washington Dispatch

The moment that markets and economists as well as people seeking mortgages and lower credit-card charges have long anticipated may finally be at hand. The US Federal Reserve, after more than two years of a laser focus on inflation, may be prepared to cut interest rates in September.

The central bankers have expressed increasing confidence that price stability is within sight, while risks to the labor market have grown. They’ve laid the groundwork for the coming decision in speeches over recent weeks, and Chair Jerome Powell will likely offer more specifics after a policy meeting on July 30-31.

It’s not quite a sure thing. Fed officials still want to see monthly price numbers continuing to trend down toward their 2% annual inflation goal before they commit to lowering borrowing costs from a two-decade high. Yet Powell and his colleagues are also determined not to squander the chance of a so-called soft landing for the American economy, which is showing at least a few signs of losing momentum.

One person to watch today: Raphael Bostic, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, will speak at a conference.

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Chart of the Day

At the current pace, public fast-charging sites for electric vehicles will outnumber gas stations in the US in about eight years, and the momentum is expected to accelerate. North American operators will spend a collective $6.1 billion on the necessary infrastructure this year, nearly double their 2023 investment, according to BloombergNEF estimates. The annual outlay is expected to double again by 2030.

And Finally

While the vast majority of the world supports a two-state solution to solve the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the Knesset rejected the establishment of an independent Palestinian state at a sitting yesterday in Jerusalem. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to visit Washington next week where the Biden administration is expected to urge him to accept a nation for Palestinians as the way to bring Arab states into the rebuilding of Gaza and normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Pop quiz (no cheating!) Which former French president never kept his promise to swim in the Seine to show how clean it was? Send your answers to

More from Bloomberg

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89-year-old comedian recovering after she was randomly punched on New York street

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from NEWS10 ABC.

NEW YORK (AP) — An 89-year-old comedian is recovering after being randomly punched and knocked to the ground while waiting to cross a street in New York earlier this month.

D’yan Forest said she had just stopped at a coffee shop and was heading to a swimming pool when someone came up to her from behind and hit her in the eye. She lay on the ground in shock as police and paramedics came to her aid.

“I thought I had lost use of the eye because I couldn’t see anything.” Forest said. Her eyesight returned over the next four hours while she underwent tests at a hospital.

Police on Saturday said the female suspect in the July 10 incident had a medium complexion and cornrow braids and was last seen wearing a tank top and shorts with a Jurassic Park logo.

Forest said she has lived in Greenwich Village since 1966 and had never had anything else bad happen to her aside from watching the 9/11 attacks from her roof.

“I walk around the village now and I don’t go near anybody. I don’t want to be near anybody,” she said.

Forest holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest working female comedian. She said her first thought after falling to the ground was whether she would be presentable for her July 29 nightclub show.

But she said her eye is healing.

“My eye was totally red and horrible. But now at least I can go on stage without a black eye,” Forest said.

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Person in police custody allegedly killed 4 relatives in Brooklyn: NYPD

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from PIX11.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (PIX11) – We’re learning new disturbing details about a horrific quadruple homicide in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

Four members of the same family, including two young children, have died. A family member is now in custody.

Police say they were called to an apartment at the corner of West 8th and Avenue P around 10:30 p.m. Friday night about an assault that was in progress.

Sources say a man came home to find his wife, two young children, and his mother inside the apartment, all suffering from stab wounds.

They were all pronounced dead at the scene.

Police then arrested the man’s 24-year-old brother. 

A woman named Guzal lives in the building and says she knew one of the women. “She always helped me when I came ten years before, and she was always helpful.”

Neighbors say the family was originally from Uzbekistan and had lived in the building for years. 

Jennifer Ponti was still reeling after seeing officers remove body bags from the apartment.

Ponti said, “It’s sad. It’s horrible. Babies shouldn’t die no matter what.”

Detectives believe the stabbings took place due to a domestic dispute. 

The 24-year-old man is now a person of interest in the deaths of his own mother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.

He was taken into custody for questioning. 

One neighbor says after the stabbings, a large crowd gathered to console the family outside.

Juan Perez said, “There were multiple men sobbing and crying inconsolably and multiple men trying to console and just cries.”

“It’s heartbreaking to hear this. They didn’t deserve this.” 

The victims have been identified as 56-year-old Fayzieva Mavlyuda, 27-year-old Maftuna Khakimova, 5-year-old Kamila Shavkatova, and 4-year-old Timur Shavkatov.

Police have not released the identity of the 24-year-old person of interest. 

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Physicians weigh in on potential impact of Trump’s ear wound: ‘It’s a matter of inches’

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from STAT.

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The ballistic aspects of the Trump assassination attempt of 7.13.24 – My Opinion and Questions – News Review In 100 Tweets

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from The News And Times.

My Opinion and Questions 

How did the bullet “graze” Trump’s ear, and was it really a bullet?

The presumed gunman Thomas Matthes Crooks was located on the roof to the right side of Trump, and the bullet shot from this direction, which “grazed” the upper tip of his right ear, would inevitably hit the right side of his skull, and this did not happen. It looks like, from Trump’s reaction, that his ear was possibly hit from behind him, and it was something smaller than a regular bullet. Hypothetically and theoretically, the attack with mini-drone, the size of the insect, is possible, as one of the explanations. 

I would also be interested in the identities of people standing on the podium right behind Trump. 

Trump touched the injured ear with his right hand, and when the palm of his hand showed on video, there was no blood on it, immediately after the injury. 

All in all, it is nothing short of miracle that this presumed bullet “grazed” his ear but did not cause any  other damage. 

The medical forensic expertise of the Trump’s wound after the assassination attempt is needed, with the specific question, if it is consistent with bullet injury. 

However, one of the attendees was killed, and two were seriously injured. The locations of these persons and the nature of their injuries should be analyzed forensically vizavi the location of the presumed gunman Crooks, in their ballistic aspects. Were the shots fired by one or more than one person? 

These questions and doubts are supplemented by the set of very clear and sardonic Telling Names: “Trump was shot at Butler Farm Show, Pa; by Crooks”. 

My opinion is that there are observable similarities between this Trump incident and the cases of mass shootings, with regard to the questions about the numbers of the actual shooters and their true identities. It is possible that the authors of these “shows”are the same: Putin and his circle, and that they took some care to avoid the risk to Trump’s life while maximizing its impact on the inciting the Civil War and bringing other similar calamities upon America. 

The additional, facetious side benefit for them, the Putin’s circle,  would be to confuse and to fool the FBI and the public by introducing the explanations which have very questionable relations with the common sense. 

Michael Novakhov | 7.14.24 



The ballistic aspects of the Trump assassination attempt of 7.13.24 – GS 

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The Hill

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from The Hill News.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday spoke by phone with his Russian counterpart for the second time in less than a month and one day after the NATO summit wrapped up in Washington with a focus on countering Moscow, according to the Pentagon.

During the call with Russian Minister of Defense Andrey Belousov, which was initiated by Moscow, Austin “emphasized the importance of maintaining lines of communication amid Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine,” deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters.

Austin last spoke with Belousov on June 25, about 2.5 weeks earlier. Prior to that, the Pentagon chief had not directly spoken with his Russian counterpart since March 2023. Communications between Washington and Moscow have almost entirely broken down since Kremlin forces invaded Ukraine in February 2022. 

But Russia appears to be roiled following the NATO Summit, during which alliance members issued a joint communique laying out new military and financial support for Ukraine and pledged their support for an “irreversible path” to future membership for the embattled country. 

What’s more, NATO has backed Ukraine’s push for more latitude in its use of Western-supplied weapons to strike inside Russia, with the United Kingdom announcing it would allow Kyiv to hit targets over Russian borders with British-provided long-range missiles.

In addition, the U.S. and Germany on Wednesday announced the movement of more strategic weapons into Europe, including long-range fires such as undeveloped hypersonic missile systems, starting in 2026.

Moscow, which has long viewed the expansion of NATO as a national security threat, said it would retaliate against the U.S. missile deployment plans.

“NATO once again very clearly confirmed its essence. It is an alliance founded in an era of confrontation with the aim of continuing confrontation,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday during a press conference with Russian news agencies.

“We see in fact that the alliance’s military infrastructure is constantly and gradually moving towards our borders. … All of this will require us to take thoughtful, coordinated and effective responses to deter and confront the alliance.”

Adding to tensions, reports emerged this week that U.S. and German intelligence had foiled a Russian assassination plot against the CEO of a German manufacturing company sending munitions to Ukraine. 

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has since said allies are increasing intelligence sharing to combat such Russian attacks.

Asked whether the Pentagon has any intelligence corroborating the Russian assassination scheme, or if Austin brought up the foiled plot with Belousov, Singh declined to provide further details.

“Of course we always, with any of our allies and partners, always share intelligence and information, but I just don’t have more to add,” she said.

Copyright 2024 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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My Opinion: Mr. Biden does not have to demonstrate that he has a 100% of mental or cognitive acuity; no one single person has it all of the time. However, his team and his aides as the “collective Presidency” have this acuity.

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from The News And Times.

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The real Mr. Kalika is happily found! The Annual meeting of 6.12.24 – Report and Updates

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from The News And Times.

Who is Roman Kalika? | Violations: This owner/manager has a total of 81  violations which is 3.37 violations per unit for their entire portfolio.  That is worse than the city average, which

The real Mr. Kalika is happily found! The Annual meeting of 6.12.24 – Report and Updates – LINK TO POST

Dear Mr. Kalika: This is the Currently UPDATED Post, for your information and attention. Sincerely, Michael Novakhov. 6.18.24 

P.S. You may also respond in writing, if you so wish. – Copy of the Sent Email. 

The real Mr. Kalika is happily found! But why was he so mysteriously lost?

The Annual meeting of 6.12.24 – Report and Updates

Годовое собрание от 12 Июня, 2024 г. – Отчёт и Дополнения

The Annual meeting of 6.12.24

The meeting was held, with no quorum, and the elections were not held. 

The Financial Statement was not ready and will be mailed in 2 weeks, as per Mr. Kalika. 

It transpired that the person who claimed to be Mr. Kalika, the head of the Dependable Pro Management, at the last Annual meeting of March 22, 2023, (and with the false introduction by Grace Bishop), actually was not Mr. Kalika but one of his accountants, apparently chosen for this role for his deep voice and the imposing, authoritarian demeanor. 

Now, hopefully, we deal with the real Mr. Kalika. He was again introduced by Grace Bishop, without any explanations of her mistake and this discrepancy, which proves once more that she is the blatant liar, bullshitter, and the psychopath. 

I would like to remind everyone that impersonating the officer in his official capacity is illegal, and it is the criminal offense. 

In plain English, they take you for idiots, guys! 

In plain Russian: Они берут вас за ЛОХОВ!

The similar situation is with Al Rutigliano, Grace Bishop’s common law husband. He does not own any shares in this condo, nevertheless he was on the Condo Board. This is also illegal and the practice of Nepotism. According to the rules common for all Condos, the members of the same household are prohibited from serving on the same condo Board. The problem with Al was that he imagined himself a little Mafia Boss, and he tried to rule the roost, on behalf of his wife Grace, via his ENFORCER, super Ray, by instructing him to be rude and insulting to people, so he could insert himself as the middle man. Both of them were warned. 

The atmosphere of lies and deceits pervades the whole behavior and the style, the modus operandi of Grace Bishop and the people around her, including the Dependable Pro and the Super, all of whom rob this Condo of the services it deserves, and MILK IT SHAMELESSLY for their own purposes and benefits, as it was described by me in the previous posts, and will be described again, in details, in the future. 

And this continuous robbery results in the chronic state of disrepairs, with the ceilings falling on people’ heads at the regular intervals. The review of this subject as addressed in the previous posts, suggest that the main reason are the continuous leaks; in the winter from the heating system, and in the summer from the incorrectly installed air conditioners. And the reason for continuous leaks is that they are hidden inside the building structures, they are not watched for, and are not fixed in time. People do not want to deal with a super (“Ray”), who is arrogant, rude, and insulting  to people, demands the exorbitant tips, and with all that is incompetent, and does the shoddy work. People do not want to bother with him. The super and his family are more interested in free apartment than taking the adequate care of the building. The problem is not that they are the Muslim family, the problem is that their pattern of work fits with the very well known pattern and style of other supers of the Albanian or Balkanian descent. This is the primitive peasant mentality. They want to extract for themselves everything they can and more, seeing this building as their property, while working as little as possible. With this super and his work, this building will always have problems and will continue to be in the state of disrepairs. In my opinion, this super ABSOLUTELY has to be changed.  Some owners, in our private discussions, questioned the need for the free apartment as the part of the package. This issue has to be considered and discussed at the general meeting. 

Some owners who are better familiar with the situation, told me that Super Ray has another, second job or that he works for his own business, has a big house upstate, and is in fact, a “millionaire”. Be it all as it may, it is clear that he is more interested in his free apartment and his tips than in honest work. Apparently, Grace Bishop is connected with him by some family ties, and this is the explanation of his super-favourable, special treatment. The kickbacks to the Dependable Pro from him are also quite possible, and even likely. It is also possible that this gang benefits financially from the illegal management of the short term rentals, the issue that is not addressed in the Bylaws but it is active and in the front of the current agenda. 

The meeting was rather brief and we did not get to discuss this issue and the issue of Grace Bishop’ fitness to be elected, in the light of her crazy and brazen behavior and the attacks on others (see police report). These subjects should be discussed next time, hopefully. 

My question at this meeting: “WHY DO CEILINGS FALL IN THIS BUILDING?” was left unanswered, and the meeting was closed in panic by Grace Bishop after I asked this question. 

My opinion is that the group that calls itself the “Board” is completely fictitious and illegitimate. They have absolutely no proofs, including the documentation, to show what they claim. I think that this group of pretenders and imposters is detrimental to this building and to the financial interests of the unit  owners. 

I think, that they also will carry the CRIMINAL RESPONSIBILITY if the falling ceilings kill or injure someone. We should not wait for it to happen. 

We need the adequate Election, and the adequate, well functioning Board. Presently we do not have a Board, neither in the legal nor in the administrative sense. 

The details and the Report on Financial Statement will follow later. 

At mean time, I request from the current “Board” and  “Dependable Pro” the following information, which they have to give us by law. 

  1. The most current Master List of Owners. 
  2. Minutes of the last two annual meetings, of 2023 and 2024, and the lists of attendees for each of the meetings in 2023 and 2024, and the history of the previous meetings in chronological order for the last 35 years or during the total term  of service of Grace Bishop, whichever is longer. 
  3. The list of the current “Board Members”, as they presented themselves at the meeting of 2024, and any other members, including the non-owners of the Condo shares.
  4. The plan for the Election of the New Board

I hope, that now, when the real Mr. Kalika was so happily and unexpectedly found, he will be able to deal with the issues and problems. I will summarize them briefly:

1. Change the super Ray ASAP!

2. Confirm the disqualification of Grace Bishop for election to the Board, according to the Bylaws.

3. Hold the general owners meetings monthly, if needed, and elect the new Board which will be able to function adequately. Also consider the electronic voting online and by mail. Make the voting process easier, not harder.

These problems will not disappear by themselves if you do not solve them. 

We do have the instruments at our disposal to affect the needed changes. We should consider the NONPAYMENT of the common charges AS THE GROUP, to pressure the management Co. In this case, they will start singing a different song very fast. I urge Mr. Kalika to pay attention. 

Mr. Kalika, his management Co, his Super, and his corrupt puppet “chairwoman” Bishop work at the pleasure of the shareholders, and these people can be fired at any moment without any particular reason or explanation, simply because their work is not seen as satisfactory by the shareholders.

And in my opinion, they should be fired and referred to the Criminal Prosecution for Negligence and other violations and offenses! 
I intend to sue Grace Bishop for the attempted murder: that what spitting on another person in the times of COVID is.
I also intend to sue the Dependable Pro for fraud: impersonating the head of the company by another person with the purpose to mislead and to deceive the shareholders. 

I plan to call the owners on the phone, to meet them personally, and to continue working on these issues. Have a good Summer!

Michael Novakhov 

6.15.24 | Updates: 6.15 – 6.17 – 6.19.24

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Rescued hostages suffering from malnutrition, possibly Stockholm syndrome

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shared this story
from The Times of Israel.

The four hostages who were rescued on Saturday from Gaza are in a worse physical and psychological state than initially believed, according to Hebrew media reports on Sunday.

Noa Argamani, Shlomi Ziv, Almog Meir Jan, and Andrey Kozlov were found to be malnourished during initial medical tests at Sheba Medical Center on Saturday, but the mental influence of their captivity had yet to be established.

The Kan public broadcaster reported Sunday evening that after initial conversations with the four, medical professionals believed they were exhibiting signs of Stockholm syndrome, as the rescued hostages spoke about awful experiences they had been subjected to in captivity while also saying that their captors cared about their wellbeing.

Jan said that as a “cynical” gesture, his captors made him a cake for his birthday.

Staff at the hospital told the media that the four rescued hostages did not sleep on Saturday night, their first night back in Israel after their resuce, and instead stayed up talking to their families and among themselves.

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The doctors also told Kan that the four were constantly seeking each other out, indicating their continued need to lean on each other for support.

Rescued hostage Shlomi Ziv is reunited with his family at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, June 8, 2024. (Israel Defense Forces)

The rescued hostages have begun to talk about their experiences, according to various reports.

Channel 13 reported on Sunday that Ziv said he had learned Arabic from Al-Jazeera broadcasts he watched in captivity and that their captors made them read the Quran and pray every day.

Argamani has also begun to share some of what she went through, telling her family that she narrowly avoided death four times in captivity, according to Channel 12 news.

According to a Monday Ynet report, Argamani learned Arabic while she was in captivity and used it to become a spokesperson for other female hostages she was held with before they were released in November during a weeklong truce. Before they were separated, Argamani would use the Arabic she learned to get things the hostages needed for them.

She said she had been held in four different apartments during her eight months in captivity and that in the last location, the family made her wash their dishes. Ynet reported that she also cooked at times with basic ingredients she was provided with.

Describing the rescue on Saturday, Argamani said she was washing the dishes when she heard a shout from the living room and saw people with their faces covered who told her they were from the IDF.

Rescued hostage Noa Argamani is reunited with her father Yaakov Argamani at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, June 8, 2024. (Israel Defense Forces)

“At first, I thought they were making fun of me, and I didn’t move, but then he asked me, ‘Can I throw you over my shoulder?’ and I realized what was happening,” Channel 12 quoted her as saying.

She added that on the way to the extraction spot, their truck broke down.

“It was scary. The soldiers were brave. In a matter of one second, I may not have been here today,” she said.

Argamani was taken to see her mother, Liora, who is suffering from terminal cancer, but her father, Yaakov, said that Liora’s advanced illness made communication between the two difficult.

“I believe she understood what was happening. There was a foggy response, but Liora is in a bad way, and she barely looked at Noa,” Yaakov said.

Doctors at Ichilov Hospital, where Liora is a patient, told Ynet that Noa has become actively involved in her mother’s treatment since her return, seeking extensive information from the medical team and asking questions.

Shortly after Noa was taken captive, Liora appealed to Hamas to let her daughter go so that she could see her before she died.

Kozlov also reunited with his family on Sunday after his parents landed from St. Petersburg. In a video of the reunion, he could be seen falling to his knees and bursting into tears as soon as he saw his mother.

Andrey Kozlov (C), freed from Gaza in an Israeli military operation a day earlier, meets with his parents at Sheba Medical Center, June 9, 2024. (Hostage and Missing Families Forum)

Argamani, Jan, Kozlov and Ziv were abducted from the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Re’im on the morning of October 7, when 3,000 Hamas-led terrorists killed some 1,200 people and took 251 hostages in a murderous rampage across  southern Israel.

Officers of the police’s elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit, along with Shin Bet agents, on Saturday morning simultaneously raided two multi-story buildings in the heart of Nuseirat, where the four hostages were being held by Hamas-affiliated families and guards of the terror group, according to the military.

Hamas’s government media office claimed at least 274 people were killed amid the operation, an unverified figure that also does not differentiate between combatants and civilians.

The IDF acknowledged that it killed Palestinian civilians amid the fighting, but it placed the blame on Hamas for holding hostages and fighting in a dense civilian environment. “We know about under 100 [Palestinian] casualties. I don’t know how many of them are terrorists,” IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari said on Saturday.

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