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November 29, 2022 2:01 pm

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February 13, 2021 – In My Opinion: Capitol Riot and Trump’s role in it WERE NOT INVESTIGATED PROPERLY YET. WHO ARE THE MAIN HIDDEN ACTORS?!

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Michael Novakhov – In My Opinion: Capitol Riot and Trump’s role in it WERE NOT INVESTIGATED PROPERLY YET, just like the circumstances of the First Impeachment. I think humbly, that at the roots of these and many other events are the TOC-MOB, New Abwehr (and Germany), and the KGB (as the collective term for the Russian Intelligence Services). 

I very much doubt that the deeply dysfunctional FBI is able to dig out the real TRUTH, for a variety of reasons. 

I strongly support calls for the Independent Congressional Inquiry and the most comprehensive and in depth Investigations of these and many, many other US Intelligence failures which, if continued, can lead to the Catastrophe. 

The Capitol Riot may have been “PRE-PLANNED” indeed, as the Trump’s defense asserts. However, it does not mean that Trump did not know about these plans and did not take part in this planning and organizing covertly or overtly. 


It looks like everything was very carefully coordinated, and for some time. 




That’s the ($1000K) Question! 


9:51 AM 2/13/2021

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