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NYPD assisting Capitol Police to see if members at Capitol

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NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – The NYPD is reportedly helping U.S. Capitol Police investigate if any NYPD officers were involved in last week’s siege at the Capitol building.

A senior law enforcement official told NBC News on Sunday that the NYPD is assisting Capitol Police but there’s no specific information linking any of the department’s officers to the riot.

According to the report, the NYPD “will take all investigate measures” to confirm any reports that officers were at the Capitol during the riot, which left five people dead, including a Capitol Police officer who was a New Jersey native.

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The news comes a day after the FDNY gave information to the FBI about members who were allegedly seen outside the Capitol on Wednesday.

“The department received anonymous allegations that active or retired members were present at the events at the United States Capitol on January 6 and, as required, has provided that information to the FBI,” an FDNY spokesman said.

Dozens of people have been arrested in connection with the Capitol siege, according to the Associated Press.

NBC News also reported Sunday that the FBI and NYPD had sent information to Capitol Police warning of the possibility of violence last Wednesday.

A senior FBI official told NBC News: “Social media is just part of a full intelligence picture, and while there was First Amendment-protected activity on social media to include some people making threats, to this point, investigators have not found that there was an organized plot to access the Capitol.”

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