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Podcasts Review – 8 – 9 AM 2/6/2021: Trump Propaganda Video May Have Helped Incite Capitol Rioters

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from News Reviews with Michael Novakhov.

Podcasts Review – 8 – 9 AM 2/6/2021: Cuomo Prime Time with Chris Cuomo – 9 hours ago – Trump Propaganda Video May Have Helped Incite Capitol Rioters

Podcasts Review – 8:08 AM 2/6/2021: Cuomo Prime Time with Chris Cuomo – 9 hours ago – Trump Propaganda Video May Have Helped Incite Capitol Rioters

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The News And Times
6:22 AM 2/6/2021 – Biden says “no need” for Trump to receive intel briefings

5:04 AM 2/6/2021 – The mysterious puzzle of the Covid-19 falling rates: too fast, too soon – Michael Novakhov

4:06 PM 2/5/2021 – I find it amazing and not coincidental that the apparent peak of the Pandemic is around January 8, practically at the same point in time with the January 6 Riot. – M.N.

Chet Baker in Tokyo (1996) (Full Album)

4:51 AM 2/5/2021 – Tweets Review: Joe Biden demands Russia free Alexei Navalny ‘immediately’

4:27 AM 2/5/2021 – The News And Times – Latest Blog Posts

The News And Times – Blog Posts

1:25 PM 2/4/2021 – Podcasts Review

11:54 AM 2/4/2021 – Podcasts Review

The FBI News Review: 7:33 AM 2/4/2021 Attention FBI: Was it a TRAP?! Special Agent Daniel Alfin and Special Agent Laura Schwartzenberger: What Went Wrong During FBI Search Warrant That Led To Shooting, Agents Deaths?

6:18 AM 2/4/2021 – News Brief: On Twitter

2:37 PM 2/3/2021 – 2 FBI agents killed, 3 agents wounded while serving warrant

1:43 PM 2/3/2021 – Эхо Москвы – Особое мнение : Глеб Павловский | Scientists explain why the new Covid-19 variants could be more infectious

1:32 PM 2/3/2021 – Vaccination Update: 92% of first doses allocated to NYS health care distribution sites have been administered as of 11am today. -1,554,450 first doses received -1,432,195 first doses administered

11:31 AM 2/3/2021 – America isnt moving its troops out of Germany and Belgium for Poland … That plan, Wolters said, has been put on freeze … | Trumps Banker at Deutsche Bank Was Ousted for a Real Estate Deal – The New York Times

11:14 AM 2/3/2021 – Several Capitol rioters are blaming Trumps rhetoric. Whats in it for them?

9:10 AM 2/3/2021 – Covid-19 and vaccinations in Israel: I “The jury’s still out on whether the vaccine completely stops people from carrying, and passing on, the virus.” | Israel opens coronavirus vaccines to all over-16s | DEBKAfile: Israel closes airport and points of entry for extended period

8:07 AM 2/3/2021 – New York digs out from 16 inches of snow – News Review

6:40 AM 2/3/2021 – The study by researchers at the University of Oxford is the first to document evidence that any coronavirus vaccine can reduce transmission of the virus. Study Finds AstraZeneca Shots Drastically Cut Transmission The New York Times (???)

The Pandemic Bulletin – 9:56 AM 2/2/2021: COVID-19: Surprising number of US healthcare workers refuse vaccines | Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots

Trey Gowdy: “Crooked FBI members …”

5:19 PM 2/1/2021 – New study finds reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 in healthy young adults is common

4:13 PM 2/1/2021 – The Mystery Of India’s Plummeting COVID-19 Cases

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